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Tracey and Dave ended their extremely volatile marriage when their son was eight months old. They always struggled (and still do) to find common ground but the one thing they do agree on, is minimising the effect of their divorce on their son Josh. To do this their greatest challenge has been setting aside their past hurts and frustration with one another to concentrate on what is best for their son. Despite their previous issues they managed to create a plan that focused on establishing consistency and security in both homes. Their plan included:

In the years that followed, Josh gained the love of two stepparents and four more grandparents when Tracey married Scott and Dave married Dani. Through Tracey’s marriage to Scott, Josh was thrilled to have a stepbrother, also called Josh and a stepsister, Tahlia. He was also blessed with two baby sisters, Milana and Valentina from Dave’s marriage to Dani.


Although step-parenting has definitely come with its own set of challenges, Scott and Dani committed to supporting Tracey and Dave in their co-parenting journey and have come to love Josh and developed their own unique relationship with him. 

It  has not always been smooth sailing. In fact, there have been many times when our boat has almost sunk. All family members within our situation have had their individual struggles and have had to find support and strategies to navigate their way through.

In these times, we try our best to refocus on our common goal to work together to nurture two loving and peaceful homes for all family members to thrive in.

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